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Don't Continue to Have the Same Exhausting Holiday Experience That Doesn't Leave You Feeling Fulfilled!

I see you Mama. I see you working your buns off coordinating everything for Christmas. I see you making all of the holiday plans: cooking, cleaning, preparing for company, buying gifts, wrapping those gifts, decorating and saying yes to invites while running around like a mama chicken with her head cut off.

Isn't it tiring?

What many moms do when approaching the holiday season with their giant to-do list in hand, is try their best to cope. Most moms will have an extra cup of coffee and carry on the best they can – they definitely won’t let their family down. But none of that helps you: 

  • To have your best holiday season yet – with plenty of rest for you, and big hugs from your family. 
  • To spend less time and energy, yet enjoy the holidays more than you ever have
  • Learn what assumptions you may be making during the holidays, and how it’s impacting you. (If you keep doing this, you are creating more stress and work for yourself!)
  • Lighten your holiday load by learning what tasks and events to say NO to! I'll teach a simple strategy that takes just a few minutes to do and won't leave you feeling guilty for saying NO.
  • Conquer holiday comparison - I'll show you how to shift holiday envy (from cooking, decorating, gift budgets) from the crappy jealous feeling to one that has you feeling better about your awesome self!
  • To stop overspending on holiday gifts for your kids. I’ll tell you a simple trick you can use to avoid that stressful holiday overspending
  • Learn a simple way to help you juggle priorities during the holidays.  

When you get this eBook, you will be accessing the tools I’ve learned from life coach training, and the solutions I’ve come up with over the last few years to help you have MORE JOY this holiday season.  

How I Learned How to Have More Joy During the Holidays

Years ago, when I was searching for a new career, I decided to train to become a life coach. During that training, I learned some valuable tools about how to approach life in a way that feels good to me.  

Over the last few years, I’ve applied those tools to how I deal with the holiday season. Each year, I made a few tweaks to my approach and now I spend my holidays exactly how I want: conquering my to do list while staying rested and really enjoying my family and everything the season has to offer.  

This year, I thought to myself “How can I share this information with other moms, so they can stop being exhausted and overwhelmed during the holidays too?” Then I realized that busy moms don’t have the time for a long training course during the holidays.  

So, I decided to take everything I’ve learned, and package it carefully in a short (53 page) eBook that can be read in an hour or two. That way I can reach more moms, and they don’t have to spend a ton of time for this to work. And that’s how I created the eBook - How Busy Moms Can Beat Holiday Stress: Save 20+ Hours This Holiday Season. Some of the additional things I’ll share with you in this eBook are:

  • How most moms think they must sacrifice sleep during the holidays. Wrong! I’ll explain why inside the eBook. 
  • It can be challenging to set a budget for the holidays. If you’re afraid of budgets, I share some easy tips to avoid holiday buyer remorse
  • Lots of moms get sucked into family drama during the holidays. You’ll learn some easy strategies how to avoid it this year. 
  • The sneaky way well-meaning friends and family rope you into attending holiday parties you’d rather avoid. 
  • I will share my biggest secret for feeling joyful during the holidays, no matter how much you have (or don’t have). 
  • Many moms think being over-scheduled is just part of the holiday experience. Wrong! Learn simple strategies to change your thinking on this
  • Homemade or store bought? Learn why this is a loaded question. 

Here's What You Get

When you get the 53 page eBook, How Busy Moms Can Beat Holiday Stress: Save 20+ Hours This Holiday Season, you’ll have the power to…

  • Navigate unpleasant family members. I’ll share my tip on how to handle this situation in a way that will feel good. 
  • Learn the mistakes you’re making when planning for the holidays. (Hint, these mistakes will leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed). 
  • Use my one secret weapon that will melt holiday stress during the holidays.  
  • Learn how you could save at least 20 hours of time during the holidays. 
  • Set the stage for the conversation you need to have with your family this year. 
  • Figure out how to ask for help, and from who. 
  • Not be one of those amazing moms who is sending herself into exhaustion. I will show some easy steps to take to avoid this. 
  • Learn how you can take time for yourself during the holidays, and it doesn’t have to include trying to squeeze in a massage appointment. 
  • Have a conversation with your family that will have everyone enjoying the holiday season more
  • Handle the situation when you get invited to a holiday party you don’t have time to attend
  • Change your feelings of holiday envy. I’ll explain why this happens, and what you can do to stop it.  

I teach these concepts to moms that I coach, and I charge $599 for 4 one on one coaching sessions. There is a way for you to beat exhaustion and overwhelm during the holiday season, and I’ve put all my helpful tools into this short eBook at a much lower price for you. You get all the tools I teach moms to have a more joyful holiday season for only $6.99!  

It all comes as part of the 53 page eBook, How Busy Moms Can Beat Holiday Stress: Save 20+ Hours This Holiday Season, which will be emailed to you immediately.  

The "Mama Ain't Got Time for This to Not Be Good" Guarantee 

Get the eBook risk free! I guarantee that you will benefit from the helpful tips in this book. If you don’t, email me within 7 days of purchase at for a fast, courteous refund. You can try it free for a week to see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted - and you’ll enjoy your holiday season more than ever before. If for some reason you’re not delighted with learning how to have more joy this holiday season, then just let me know - and you get all your money back. I know you’re a busy mama, and I know you don’t have time to read an eBook that won’t help you in big, meaningful ways.  

My tips work for them, and they'll work for you too!

"Being a working mom to a 5yr old boy is amazing, stressful, exhausting and sometimes a little overwhelming! Nikki’s tips are really effective and the tools she shares really don’t take much time at all, even as simple as taking 15 mins out of your day just for you! " 

-TULCY JONES, Scottsdale AZ

"Nikki provides coaching tools that are easily applicable to my life, don’t require a huge time commitment, but deliver a big impact. I can spend a few minutes a day making myself a priority, and implementing what I’ve learned from Nikki and it has such a huge influence on myself as a person, a mom, a wife, and professional. "


Do You Like Free Bonuses? (Me Too!)

I’m also including an amazing bonus when you get the eBook! You’ll receive a FREE audio version of the eBook, so you can listen to it anywhere! This audio version can be a great time saver and help you make the most of your time. The audio version of the eBook is my gift to you!  

And one more BONUS! Only, this one isn’t actually for you. This bonus is all about helping children in need. For each eBook purchased, I will make a donation to the Kids in Need Foundation. This foundation is changing lives by providing children in need with the school supplies their family can’t afford. Thank you for helping me support these children!  

You’re One Decision Away from Beating Exhaustion and Overwhelm!

The choice is yours: You can do what you’ve been doing the last few holiday seasons. You already know what happens when you do that. Is that really how you want to spend your holiday season? Or, you can do something different this year, and get a new result. You can finally enjoy a holiday season with less stress, less overwhelm, less exhaustion, and instead – feel all the joy the season has to offer. Which do you really want for yourself and your family? If your choice is joy, then click here to get the eBook. And remember, it’s risk free – if these tips don’t help you reduce your holiday stress and exhaustion, email me within 7 days of purchase at for a courteous refund. No need to return the book to me. I’m so excited for you! You are taking action, putting in effort, and YOU are going to change your holiday experience for the better. More magical memories. More time for yourself. More time with loved ones. More of what matters.  

This eBook is Only Available for a Limited Time! Get Your Copy Today!


Click here to get your eBook. Once you’ve purchased it, you will receive an email with the eBook. If you have any issues at all, contact me at  

I know the tips and tools in this book will change your holiday experience for the better. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about it and to help yourself get the most out of your holidays.  

Happy Holidays! 

Nikki Berkel, Life Coach for Moms  

P.S. If you’re scrolling to the end, so you can quickly see what the deal is, here ya go:  

You’ll get a 53 page eBook that you can read in an hour or two, and if you follow my tips and tools, you’ll easily save yourself 20 hours this holiday season. 

How Busy Moms Can Beat Holiday Stress: Save 20+ Hours This Holiday Season eBook is only $6.99. 

I’m including a FREE audio version of the eBook that you can listen to from anywhere. 

I guarantee that this eBook will help you beat exhaustion and overwhelm this holiday season, and if you don’t like the eBook, email me at within 7 days for a courteous, immediate refund.

For each eBook purchased, I’m making a donation to the Kids in Need Foundation. This foundation is changing lives by providing children in need with the school supplies their family can’t afford. 

Click here to get the eBook that will help you have more joy this holiday season.